SITARA as a company is experienced to undertake projects of any size. The turnover of the last fiscal year was NRs. 36.65 Million. We have adequate assets and resources at our disposal to get timely and effectively mobilized for the new assignments. As per the applicable laws and regulations, SITARA, as a legal entity, belongs to the category “Private Limited Company” which has to get its account audited for every fiscal year by a cognizant auditing firm, which is duly registered with the office of the Auditor General of Nepal. The audited accounts and the Auditor’s report are then submitted to the Income Tax Office of the Government of Nepal and the income tax is cleared every year. SITARA has always been scrupulous in the timely fulfillment of all the requirements as per the governing rules and regulations.



Fiscal Year Turnover(Million Rs)
2018/19 30.20
2017/18 34.90
2016/17 36.65
2015/16 16.18
2014/15 15.2
2013/14 17.1
2012/13 15.9